Star-Spangled Banner Tartan - fine art limited edition print (the FUTURE)

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C-type Kodak METALLIC Edition

The Star-Spangled Banner Limited Edition metallic Print

At last!
…the TARTAN!


The STARS & STRIPES …the Red, White & Blue! A woven tale of patriotic history.


Inspired by the US FLAG and the NATIONAL ANTHEM of the United States of America. The Star-Spangled Banner tartan spans the ages of time… remembering the past, celebrating the present ...and looking forward to the future.

Officially registered at the Scottish Register of Tartans #13214

...on 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' 4th July 2021 (The 245th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, 1776).


See the full rationale within the tartan - HERE

The Star-Spangled Banner Limited Edition metallic Print


A Limited Edition Fine Art metallic print - featuring the first verse of the national anthem of the United States!

Authenticated by an embossed holographic certificate.

The Star-Spangled Banner  Tartan Print Holographic Serial Number



  1. the PAST
    America’s historical artefact - the beloved Star-Spangled Banner (Flag of 1814)...

    Giclée Weathered variant - Click to go there...

    (Prices starting from £76)

  2. the PRESENT
    Representing the US Flag of today...

    Giclée Modern variant - Click to go there...

    (Prices starting from £76)

  3. the FUTURE (this page)
    Looking forward to a bright and optimistic future for the USA...

    C-Type Kodak Metallic variant

    (Prices starting from £67)


Published in 2 sizes : MEDIUM or LARGE

…anywhere worldwide!




Own a piece of history! …and claim YOUR copy today! Sold sequentially (from the lowest number up)!



Created by Steven Patrick Sim, the Tartan Artisan® - Scotland. This impressive limited edition print is the first product produced - emblazoned with the Star-Spangled Banner tartan - celebrating the official launch of the tartan …on 6th April 2022.

Steven Patrick Sim

🇺🇸 "By ORDERING a fine art metallic print... you're HELPING ME FUND the weaving of the cloth!" 🇺🇸

"A portion of sales will go into the pot, to help fund first bolts! ...and your help is very much appreciated! Please spread the word! ...thanks! Stevie, Tartan Guy!"

Note - for now I'm not taking pre-orders for tartan fabric. However, if you purchase a print ...when checking-out please leave any notes of interest in the wee message box, which will help me gauge the demand for the Star-Spangled Banner tartan. I'll keep the wee notes handy pick up again in due course!

Or message me! I can't promise a direct reply due to potentially being snowed under with that, so please bear with me! Cheers

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TRADE ENQUIRIES - For now I am only taking notes of interest, for potential collaborations with business that may be interested in acquiring the Star-Spangled Banner (Flag of 1814) tartan.





Star-Spangled Banner (Flag of 1814) - TARTAN #13214 - Registered at the Scottish Register of Tartans on 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' 4th July 2021 (The 245th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, 1776).

The tartan was designed to pay tribute to the Star-Spangled Banner - the historic US flag carried during the War of 1812, and the same 'Great Garrison Flag' that flew over Fort McHenry during the harbor Battle of Baltimore, Sept 13th 1814.

British warships pounded the American fort for 25 hours sending a bombardment of shells and rockets. After the battle in the early dawn of Sept 14th, seeing the flag still flying, Francis Scott Key was stirred to write the poem 'Defense of Fort M'Henry'. The poem not only inspired the name of the flag but also became the lyrics of the national anthem of the US. The sett is created to visually represent the Stars and Stripes ( the red, white & blue of the flag ), and the explosive drama of the battle. The thread count of the design incorporates the past and present : 15 blue threads & 15 red threads represent the 15 stars & 15 stripes of the Star-Spangled Banner; 13 threads in the broad red and white stripes, and 50 threads in the dark blue field represent the present - day US Flag.



  • Published in edition sizes of 1776 copies
  • Available in either Medium
    (20” x 29.8”)
  • Or Large (24” x 35.8”)
  • Sizes include the white border
  • Frame your C-Type Kodak Metallic print with an acid-free mount under glass for 40 years archivability
  • For the best image clarity non-reflective glass is recommended
  • Prints are produced to order, and supplied carefully rolled in a wide sturdy tube, direct from my publisher
  • Each fine art print is authenticated by an embossed A4 certificate with serialised hologram. A matching pair of which one of the holograms can be attached to the back of the print - once framed - linking the print with the certificate
  • As with all fine art prints care should be taken when handling, prior to being framed under glass












Archival life - 40 years

C-Type KODAK Endura Metallic

Your Fine Art Print is carefully printed on
C-Type KODAK Endura Metallic

A C-type print (or Chromogenic print) is a photographic print made from a high quality digital image. C-type metallic prints have a glossy surface and rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective and 3-dimensional feel. High mid-tones & highlights add luminosity & iridescence.

Silver-based Digital C-type prints are high quality archival photographic prints, capturing and preserving the beauty of the artwork.

Weight : 242 gsm
Finish : Medium Gloss
Paper tone : Slight Silver Metallic
Texture : Smooth
Manufacturer : Kodak


- - -


More Information regarding C-type printing :

Produced on the latest generation C-Type Chromira Light-jet printer. Each reflective glossy print is produced using a laser or LED light process (with RGB Light-Emitting Diodes).

A digital image is exposed onto KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA - Premier Metallic Paper. Coated with three layers of light sensitive SILVER HALIDE crystalline emulsion (reactive to red, green and blue light).

The print is then developed and fixed using conventional silver-based photographic chemicals. The result is a continuous tone true photographic image with stunning metallic luminosity.


- - -


Star-Spangled Banner (Flag of 1814)
Tartan Registration Number - #13214

  • Category - Commemorative
  • Tartan creation date - 14/09/2014
  • Registration date - 4th July 2021
  • UK Registered Designs:
    #6104320 (Colour), #6147549 (Pattern)
  • The Tartan is USPTO Patent Pending: #29/800,256
  • Star-Spangled Banner® is a registered trademark: #UK00003667073