Earthrise & North Sea Oil …the last kilts available to claim in 2024!


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After last year's two successful weaves of both the Earthrise and North Sea Oil tartans in the new 16oz heavy weights, I have a new update for my customers...

WEBSITE UPDATE - You can now order your kilt directly from my website! Previous to this customers would reach out to me direct to receive an invoice for their order which was slowing down the ordering process... to make things easier for my customers, you can now order directly online!


Earthrise Kilt Offering



Earthrise & North Sea Oil...
16oz heavyweight Kilts - with each being certified within my numbered editions.


North Sea Oil Tartan - By the Tartan Artisan

At my last stock check, there were approximately 10 kilts available in both the Earthrise and North Sea Oil weaves. Please note that availability may have reduced since my last update, so don’t delay if you want to secure a kilt from the 2023 production.

North Sea Oil® is exclusively available only from the Tartan Artisan® ...with limited availability of the Earthrise Tartan® in the market.

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CURRENT TIME TO TAILOR - 5 to 6 weeks once booked


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If you have any questions please reach out to me directly...


Thank you for your support and passion for my tartans!
Warmest regards,

Stevie, The Tartan Artisan 😊

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