The Angels' Share - Scotch Whisky Tartan Bar Runner

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The Angels’ Share Scotch Whisky Tartan® Bar Runner hand made (and fringed) with tartan woven from 100% pure new wool, created in 2016 to celebrate Scotch - Scotland's world famous national drink!

Historically known as Uisge Beatha, in Scottish Gaelic, the ancient name for the spirit was translated from the Latin Aqua Vitae meaning 'Water of Life'.


The tartan is designed to visibly portray 'the Angels' Share' - the 2% portion of distilled alcohol (said to be taken by the Angels) which evaporates though the oak barrel during the whisky maturation process.

READ THE STORY and rationale in the tartan here!

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  • Finished size - 141cm x 32cm
  • Including a 2cm fringe
  • Hand finished and fringed personally by Stevie
  • Precisely cut so the edges of the runner are finished (to the thread) on the 2% (two stripes) of the ‘Angels’ Share’ …in the tartan
  • Comes in a crystal clear pop-up pillow box, with the story in the tartan supplied in a small folded booklet

Limited availability (from the first run of Angels’ Share tartan!


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Perfect for whisky tasting events, and presentations …or simply for decorating your bar or table. Places for up to 16 whisky glasses (plus whisky bottles & water).

Supplied unlabelled (so as to not detract from the purity of the cut and finished tartan)


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Being custom made to order dispatch is approx. 1 week for this item