Be Aware (Virohazard) ...the tartan

Helping raising funds for NHS Scotland

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The tartan was created to be a wearable public health warning… which will also help raise funds to support NHS Scotland in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

60% of proceeds from each scarf sale will be donated to NHS SCOTLAND

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Influenced by the universal warning colours of yellow and black, with red representing the virus, the tartan was created to act as a vivid reminder to BE AWARE of the dangers of the coronavirus, and in doing so instil - in both wearer and observer - a high state of mindfulness, not only for each others own health, but also for the most vulnerable and at risk in our neighbourhood and communities.

The tartan was created to strongly encourage vigilance as the disease spreads, and it also aims to promote the importance of health hygiene and precautions provided by the Scottish Government and health professionals.





PLEASE UNDERSTAND why I created the Virohazard tartan! can read about that here

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BE AWARE (Virohazard) - Polar Fleece Scarf