The Angels' Share - Custom Made Leather Bucket Bag - Water Blue

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The Angels’ Share Scotch Whisky Tartan® custom made designer leather bucket bag professionally hand made from full-grain nappa leather ...printed with the Angels' Share tartan, created in 2016 to celebrate Scotch - Scotland's world famous national drink!

Historically known as Uisge Beatha, in Scottish Gaelic, the ancient name for the spirit was translated from the Latin Aqua Vitae meaning 'Water of Life'.


The tartan is designed to visibly portray 'the Angels' Share' - the 2% portion of distilled alcohol (said to be taken by the Angels) which evaporates though the oak barrel during the whisky maturation process.

READ THE STORY and rationale in the tartan here!

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How my designer leather bucket bags are made

When you purchase a custom made Angels' Share bucket bag your order will immediately be put to work by my team of expert leather workers.

  1. Print technicians bond the Angels' Share tartan pattern to the Nappa leather using a technique that reproduces the tartan beautifully. The inks will look vibrant and will keep their brilliant appearance over time. Most importantly, this process keeps the authentic original feel of the exquisite leather.

  2. Then, the leather is cut to size and formed to make the shape of the bag. The black base is added and everything is stitched together, including the tabs that hold the strap.

  3. The smaller pieces such as eyelets and drawstring are added, then the black leather trim and edges are finished by hand with black leather paint so that your custom leather Angels' Share bucket bag looks fantastic.

You bag order is made individually, one at a time, with an incredible level of detail and skill. This is a professionally made, high quality designer hand bag. 



Also available in the Whisky Amber option!

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  • Full-grain 100% Nappa leather
  • Luxurious faux suede inner lining
  • Spacious interior with pocket
  • Grab strap - 32cm long
  • Stylish unique drawstring closure
  • 25.5cm H x 23cm W x 11cm D
  • Weight: 0.44kg
  • Designed in Scotland - Handmade in the UK

  • AVAILABLE TO SHIP IN 1 to 2 weeks

  • Tartan No. 11497
  • UK Registered Design No. 5002317

Please note the faux Suede lining of your hand bag is made in a fawn colour material, and not black as shown. Contact me for more information.

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To clean, simply wipe the surfaces of the bag with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a bit of soapy water.


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 The Angels' Share Scotch Whisky Tartan® was created in 2016, and launched on the Isle of Bute, at Bute Fabrics 24th June 2016 - during the Duke of Rothesay's official visit to the island mill.

See photos from the day - HERE


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