Earthrise 2.0 Tartan Tequila Shot Glasses - Light & Dark - 6 Set

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These are designer tequila shot glasses, featuring the Earthrise Tartan - celebrating NASA's return to the moon, and a new era of space exploration. A talking point for any party or social event!

This is a set of six shooter-style glasses - bespoke and custom made to order in two styles - Light side, and the dark side. Inspired by the world-famous Apollo 8 ‘Earthrise’ photograph, taken on 24th December 1968.

The set of glasses comprises of...




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These tall shot glasses are designed to show the Earthrise tartan on the face, with the 'Earth' pivot rising above the 'Moon' pivot.

The first glass style fades to black on the reverse …and the second glass style fades to frosted clear white. Representing the Light side …and the Dark side of the Moon. The glasses are finished with a subtle frosted coating to add a chic, uniform look. Made with a thick base that will hold up just in case someone sets it down a bit heavier than intended …which tends to happen when tequila is involved!


This set of 6 tequila shot glasses is perfect for a group setting.

...why not toss a coin, and find your shade!


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Beautifully presented in a custom printed presentation tin.

Featuring a rendition of the image which would become the most iconic photograph of the 20th century ...declared by wilderness photographer Gallen Rowell (in Life Magazine's 100 Photographs that Changed the World edition) as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken”. The design shows the earth, somewhat closer to the horizon, as Bill Anders, the mission photographer, scrambles for his camera.

The presentation tin includes a moulded insert to keep the glasses in place and protected.


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  • 4.1cm W x 8.8cm H
  • Holds 70ml



  • Set of six shot glasses
  • Three Dark & Three Light
  • Tall shooter-style glass with straight sides
  • Holding approx 70ml
  • Frosty glass matte finish
  • Weighted base
  • All-over printed design
  • Custom printed and made to order in the UK
  • Ready same day, premium tracked delivery
  • Dishwasher safe

Earthrise photographic image enhanced by AI processing software

Inspired & designed in Scotland!


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How your custom shot glasses are made…

Printed professionally, and with care, by my UK print partner, the Earthrise tartan design is printed using eco-friendly water-based inks with amazing pigment. The technique actually bonds the design to the glass itself, which makes the print durable and long-lasting. The colours look vivid and bright, and a frosted matte coating is applied to give your shot glasses that modern and edgy look.


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How the presentation tin is produced…

The presentation tin has a silver metallic finish, with the Earthrise design printed directly onto the metal, using a dye sublimation process so the ink fuses to the surface, creating a long lasting print. The design is printed directly onto the metal without a white ink base coat, so images will naturally have silvery moon undertones with a metallic finish. This adds authenticity to the presentation tin, as the image look 'etched' or engraved.


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Earthrise Apollo 8 24 December 1968

The Earthrise Tartan Rationale


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Inspired and Designed in Scotland


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Shot Glass Care Instructions

DISHWASHER SAFE - You can easily hand wash these custom tequila glasses or put them in the dishwasher for a deep clean, so after you've had your fun, clean-up is easy. Dish wash on low temp below 30°C or wash by hand.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Hand Wash

Presentation Tin Care Instructions

The silver tin is easily wiped clean, as the specialist printing process impregnates the ink to the metal so your design won't peel away. It is rustproof, so when cared for properly is made to last.


    • Wipe Down