The Phoenix will Rise


On the Northern Midwinter Solstice I wanted to send you a message of hope… and good will. Today my tartan ‘Phoenix Rising 2020’ was officially registered… and I thought today was the perfect day as it was created to represent HOPE… Hope that despite our enduring difficulties and trials …and the despite the darkest of days …the sun and the light WILL return! A new year lies just ahead!

The enduring symbol of the phoenix not only has special significance to me personally, but I’m sure it can also for everyone… !

So I wish you safe passage through this dark winter… and I wish you good health. Yet I know many will have fallen …and for those who are lost my sincerest condolences are with those who grieve. x

So I implore you to PLEASE be careful, as we ‘pass through the fire’… and I wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas, however you do ~ and can ~ celebrate. But also I wanted to wish you a new year of HOPE, and Happiness …with the faith that we can all rise up, from the ashes of 2020!

From Stevie, the Tartan Artisan xxx

~ ~ ~

...and I also want to thank ALL my dear customers who have supported my wee business through these difficult times! I very much appreciate every single one of you… 🙂

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