Earthrise & North Sea Oil …the last kilts available in 2024!


Now that 2024 has moved on, and most of my outstanding kilt orders have been fulfilled …I have run a stock audit and confirmed the available supply of tartan material for kilt-making …for immediate order. This is a unique opportunity, with about 40 kilt lengths currently available, between both tartans.

(At the time of this blog post).


Earthrise Kilt Offering


These are 16oz heavyweight kilts - with each being certified within my numbered editions. This offer exclusively available through The Tartan Artisan®.

North Sea Oil Tartan - By the Tartan Artisan

As I want to focus on other relevant tartans in 2024, the Earthrise and North Sea Oil kilts may not be available again for some time, making this an urgent call to action for those who cherish these designs, and would want to claim on of these last kilts!

Please Note the North Sea Oil tartan is an exclusive weave to the Tartan Artisan® ...this run.

- - -

Customer Notice - In light of increasing costs and the high demand for my certified numbered edition kilts, I’m facing a classic supply and demand scenario, which may lead to a necessary price increase. From £595 to £645.

However, you can still secure your kilt at the current price for the remainder of this kilt run, before I may have to lock down the increase. This may occur after April 2024. If you’re interested please do place your order at your soonest.

- - -

As the tartan material is now immediately available, payment in full (minus shipping) is required to facilitate booking at my kilt-maker.

CURRENT TIME TO TAILOR - 4 to 5 weeks one booked.

Note - my kilt-maker is closed for their Easter holiday : 1st April - Opening 8th April

- - -

To place your order or for more details, please reach out to me directly. Please don’t delay if you wish to claim one of these last kilts at the price held. You can use my contact form…


Thank you for your support and passion for my tartans!
Warmest regards,

Stevie, The Tartan Artisan 😊

- - -

If you want to claim one... learn more about that - HERE:



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