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Happy May Day Holidays!

...and an update regarding the Earthrise 2.0 weave and numbered edition kilt run.


So I'm a bit behind the originally planned schedule! I had thought I would have locked down the Earthrise 2.0 weave - and all pre-orders... having issued and sent out invoices to all customers by now!

However, this notice is to inform customers I am still on track to commit to the weave, and the project soon, asap. The delay is caused simply by the amazing success of the launch ...and re-run of the Earthrise tartan! 

Also, I am running a simultaneous weave - North Sea Oil - both weaves are running alongside each other.


An almost overwhelming amount of customer requests has been received!


This is actually great news, and has seen me do some unexpected re-structuring of my ordering system so I can cope with the demand in an orderly and efficient way. This is the reason why I have not yet sent out invoices for each customer's pre-order.

Please rest assured that all is in hand, and I will be in touch as soon as ready to lock down bookings and implement the weave.

- - -

As was the case with the Apollo mission in 1968 to the Moon, improvisation saw success! ...and maybe in a similar way, I decided I needed to upgrade my ordering system to keep good order to both of these ventures.

...but nothing too complicated, updates to my record keeping system (using Excel) ...and invoicing (using SAGE). So please bear with me folks, as I navigate this upgrade! The rocket is on the launchpad, and ready to blast off!! 🚀

If you have any enquiries please reach out to me at - otherwise I'm on it! ...and will be in touch shortly, as soon as possible...

- - -

Learn more about the Earthrise 2.0 weave and kilt run HERE

THANK YOU! all my loyal customers, for your ongoing support!
Wishing you happy holidays!

...wherever you are!
Stevie 😊


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

APOLLO 8: At the Moon...

The Apollo 8 astronauts got where they were that Christmas Eve because of a bold, improvisational call by NASA.

With the clock ticking on President Kennedy's challenge to land on the moon by decade's end, delays with the lunar module were threatening to slow the Apollo program. So NASA decided to change mission plans and send the Apollo 8 crew all the way to the moon without a lunar module on the first manned flight of the massive Saturn V rocket.

NASA Apollo 8


Earthrise Tartan

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