Earthrise 2.0 - Metal Tea Caddy with Tartan

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On 24th December 1968 astronaut William Anders captured the world-famous Apollo 8 ‘Earthrise’ photograph, taken from lunar orbit during the Apollo 8 NASA moon missions. The photograph became one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, and it was declared as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken”.

This metal tea caddy tin is inspired by that famous photograph, and features the Earthrise tartan printed on its metal surface. Perfect for the astronomy enthusiast, a modern tea box! …rustproof, durable & unique!


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  • Snap shut hinged lid keeps contents fresh
  • 1 size 7.2 x 7.2 x 9.4 cm
  • 5 printed areas
  • Easy clean & rustproof metal
  • Durable printed surface image
  • Custom made to order
  • Perfect for tea & coffee
  • Inspired & designed in Scotland!

Tea Caddy Size

  • 7.2 cm x 7.2 cm x 9.4 cm
  • 80 g approx


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More Details…

A modern design made from strong, silver metal, your unique tea caddy tin is a versatile piece of storage. Its classic use is for keeping tea leaves, tea bags and coffee nice and fresh, but you can use it for a plethora of other things. A tin for charity donations, herbs and spices, mementos or even spare change. The snap-shut lid ensures whatever is in your custom tin cans is safe - it's an ideal size for kitchen cupboards and office desks.

Tea lovers and coffee connoisseurs will love the easy access provided by the hinged lid.


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Earthrise Apollo 8 24 December 1968

The Earthrise Tartan Rationale


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Inspired and Designed in Scotland


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Simply use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any stains that might occur. Do not place in the dishwasher or immerse in water, as this will affect the print quality.

Surface wipe only.
Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak