Weaving the Earthrise Tartan - 2023



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Since the pandemic and subsequent Ukraine-Russia war, economic challenges no doubt have affected us all. To continue to remain viable, as a small Scottish business, (and for full transparency for my loyal customers), this particular run of EARTHRISE TARTAN 2.0 - is proudly woven at Marton Mills Co Ltd, a traditional Yorkshire family owned weaving mill (established in 1931). Steeped in heritage, and driven by innovation, with a high focus on quality and sustainability.




Woven in the UK ...for this run of tartan fabric

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Many of my tartans have previously been woven at a number of Scottish based mills, however in recent times 100 metre minimums with increasing production costs has to a degree become prohibitive for me - if I want to start offering more choices this year (2023), weaving other tartans currently un-woven in my portfolio.

Marton Mills is a highly respected weaving mill offering premium quality tartans - woven in 100% Pure New Wool. The mill is also already a high volume supplier to many Scottish businesses ...and retail customers here in Scotland, and has now (after some consideration) become a viable option for me to explore as a producer for some of my fabrics.

Marton Mills


My tartan portfolio has also been expanding over the years ...and 2023 is now the year I want to start realising many of my iconic patterns as woven fabrics. Using Marton Mills as my current weaver of choice I believe will help me do that, as the mill's offerings allow for more flexibility over multiple weaves.


Once the Earthrise 2.0 weave is booked I plan to repeat this process again for some of the other tartans currently hiding in my portfolio!

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The Earthrise tartan - Like the world-famous photograph before it - beamed back from Apollo 8 in 1968 - reminds us of how precious and unique our Blue Planet really is. I find it fitting therefore, that Marton Mills strives to achieve good environmental practice and operates in a sustainable manner beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

The Mill is committed to reducing their environmental impact, continually improving upon this as an integral part of their business strategy and operating methods.

These strategies include ongoing improvements in the areas of: recycling, quality control, sourcing of raw materials, finishing ...and the use of green energy - Including - Solar Electricity. In 2018 the mill installed their solar farm consisting of 260 solar panels, with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint. Since installation the mill has generated more than 52,123 kWh of energy which helps power their looms ...and subsequently reduce carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The additional implementation of wind power is currently in development.

All these practices help to fulfil the mill's targets of sustainability and duty of care towards FUTURE GENERATIONS #SaveOurBluePlanet

...this also in harmony with the EARTHRISE TARTAN, and the important message within the weave.

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NOTE - PRE-ORDERING WINDOW is now open for the Earthrise Kilt!
...limited time to book yours!

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Tartans I have in mind to commit to weave
(some for the first time):

  1. Earthrise
  2. Alba Gu Bràth
  3. Declaration of Scottish Independence
  4. North Sea Oil
  5. Out & Proud
  6. Phoenix Rising
  7. Scotch Whisky
  8. Scottish American Diaspora
  9. Sheena Christie Commemorative
  10. Spitfire (the Battle of Britain)
  11. The Star-Spangled Banner
  12. The Angels' Share
  13. Titanium

Not yet woven


If any of my customers want to commission a private weave at any Scottish based mill offering short runs (for a bespoke kilt order or otherwise) …please contact me for availability and pricing.

Transparency as to the source of my tartan fabrics is very important to me, so my customers can make informed buying decisions.


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