The Earthrise Tartan - A Global Phenomenon!

An update for my dear customers…

As I look back on the remarkable journey of the Earthrise tartan, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible global response it received. From the UK to the US and beyond, your enthusiasm, and feedback have surpassed all expectations …reinforcing the profound connection we share with this legacy tartan.


Earthrise Black and White photo

Inspired by the iconic photograph taken during the Apollo 8 mission, the Earthrise tartan carries a message that resonates more deeply today than ever before. It reminds us of our fragile and precious home, encapsulating the beauty and unity of our planet in the fabric of the weave.


Earthrise Photo...inspiring the Earthrise Tartan


I’m thrilled to report that as well as the dispatch of cloth sales, almost all kilt orders from the 2023/24 weave have been fulfilled and delivered to clients, with only a few remaining as we finalise sizes. The journey to bring the Earthrise tartan back to life, to illuminate its powerful message through the art of tartan, has been nothing short of inspirational to me. 😊

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The dynamic effect of the Earth rising in the pleats of the kilt has been particularly well-received, offering a unique and moving tribute to our common humanity and the delicate beauty of our home planet. This design choice has sparked incredible feedback, showcasing the tartan's ability to capture the imagination and hearts of those who wear it.


The Earthrise Tartan by the Tartan Artisan



The Earthrise Kilt by Steven Patrick Sim the Tartan Artisan




Bringing the Earthrise tartan from the shadows into the light once again has truly been an honour for me. This tartan is more than a pattern; it's a reminder of our shared responsibility to cherish and protect our blue jewel, Earth. 🌎 🌍 🌏

Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey.

If you’re interested in being involved in the next weave of Earthrise, please message me through my contact form, and I will be sure to keep you updated!

Best wishes!
Tartan Guy

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Read the full rationale in the Earthrise tartan HERE

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