The Declaration of Arbroath Gold Metallic PEARL EDITIONS


The Declaration of Arbroath Gold Metallic editions - Pearl - with bronze mount


The third in the series of fine art prints is now available to order - the Declaration of Arbroath Gold Metallic editions - PEARL! Available in three optional sizes, this stunning art piece is published in 700 copies per edition.


The Declaration of Arbroath Gold metallic Pearl editions in three sizes

The Declaration of Scottish Independence Pearl & Gold by Steven Patrick Sim

It now completes the trio of Declaration of Arbroath Gold metallic editions - Black Onyx - Pewter - and now Pearl!

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Produced on the latest generation C-Type Chromira Light-jet printer, each reflective glossy print is produced using a laser or LED light process (with RGB Light-Emitting Diodes).

A digital image is exposed onto KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA - Premier Metallic Paper. Coated with three layers of light sensitive SILVER HALIDE crystalline emulsion (reactive to red, green and blue light).

The print is then developed and fixed using conventional silver-based photographic chemicals. The result is a continuous tone true photographic image with stunning gold metallic luminosity ...with the ancient Scottish seals of the Declaration of Arbroath gleaming like emeralds and rubies!


The Declaration of Arbroath gleans like gold, with the seals as rubies and emeralds


The print numbers are published in sequential order by default however, you can request a specific ...if still available. Simply make your request at time of ordering...

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The Declaration of Arbroath Gold Metallic print editions are certified by a holographic certificate, and come complete with the full transcript of the Declaration in English and Latin. Created to celebrate the forthcoming 700th anniversary on 6th April 2020 ...these limited editions also mark in time this momentous date in Scotland's history...


The holographic seal of the Declaration of Arbroath Gold editions - Pearl

7th Centennial Commemorative Limited Edition Prints

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Published by Steven Patrick Sim, the Tartan Artisan® - with permission kindly granted by the National Records of Scotland, 2016.

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The Declaration of Arbroath is:
Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, SP13/7

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