The Angels' Share ~ printed Duchess Satin tartan fabric

So I've decided to enter the fabric realm... and start selling my designs on material by the metre! Starting with the Angels' Share... ! :)

This first fabric offering is 1.44m width, with a sett size of 5". There are 11 sett repeats across the width. The material is a woven poly fabric at 200 gms. I have a range of ties, bow ties ...and other items in the works, and coming soon.

If you're interested in trying the printed fabric, you can order it here:

The Angels' Share ~ printed Duchess Satin fabric

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If you're considering using the fabric for commercial use please get in touch for price breaks, also to discuss potential use of the registered trademark.

Stevie :)


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I'm now taking orders from customers who wish to order the Angels' Share 13oz medium weight woollen tartan by the metre. The tartan has been sold privately since the creation of the tartan. You can also now join - The Tartan Artisan Weaving Guild - on Facebook, to get involved and start adding content to the group.

Visit the GUILD HERE!

ORDER THE TARTAN HERE - time limited offer!



Slàinte Mhath!
...time to let the Angels fly free! :)




The tartan is exclusively woven (& printed) ...and made available by The Tartan Artisan®, (Copyright © 29/7/2016).

The Angels' Share Scotch Whisky Tartan® - UK Registered Trademark - 315869

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