North Sea Oil Tartan - A Tribute Woven from the Heart!

Living on the east coast of Scotland, with the North Sea stretching out before me, I'm intimately familiar with the cold winds and the stark beauty it brings to our Scottish shores. It's a constant reminder of the vastness out there and the resilience of those who have worked within the North Sea Oil industry. The tartan, I think… is more than just a pattern; it's a narrative of hardship, endurance, and remembrance.

The Oil tartan, deeply close to my heart, pays homage to the men and women who have faced the elements and the dangers of the oil fields. It's a tribute to their sacrifices and the legacy they've built


North Sea Oil Rig Tartan


I’m immensely proud to say that the North Sea Oil kilt has been warmly received, with particular praise for its unique pleating. The choice to pleat to the flame did indeed create a dynamic and striking effect, as I had hoped… embodying a shimmering glow at the back of the kilt. This design, while showcasing the dark hues of the tartan, brings to life the flame of remembrance—a beacon of honour for those who have given so much.


The North Sea Oil pleats in the kilt


The Oil rigger's tartan North Sea Oil

To my customers, I extend my deepest gratitude. This tartan's journey, from the loom again …to your lives, has been made possible by your faith in its message and in me. Thank you, for your support and for allowing me to share this woven cloth again with you.

Warmest regards,
Stevie, The Tartan Artisan

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If you’re interested in being involved in the next weave of North Sea Oil, please message me through my contact form, and I will be sure to keep you updated!

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