NORTH SEA OIL ...back into the light

The North Sea Oil tartan
...was originally woven in 2016

Now, after remaining quiet in my portfolio ever since, and on the prompting of a customer who wants to wear it for their wedding later in 2023 ...I've decided to organise a new 16oz weave, in order to produce a new run of North Sea Oil kilts!

- - -

I am also reminded of the rationale in the tartan …and what compelled be to design it in the first place!

A tartan created to remember the CHALLENGES AND PERSONAL SACRIFICES made by oil and gas workers in the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry.


Stevie Sim remembering Piper Alpha


But as well as that ...the tartan also acts as a respectful MEMORIAL OF REMEMBRANCE of the many lives lost in the hazardous offshore environment, the 'flame' in the tartan significantly remembering Piper Alpha 6th July 1988, the world's deadliest offshore oil accident.

2023 is also the 35th anniversary year for the Piper Alpha disaster ...and as such I feel it's now time, more than ever, to bring the North Sea Oil tartan back into the light!

Read the full story in the weave here

- - -

Therefore, I am now accepting notes of interest for customers wishing to pre-order North Sea Oil kilts from the original run of the first 100 numbered kilts. Note - this is an exclusive time limited offer by the Tartan Artisan. Time also for me to get back on track! ( due to some personal difficulties over the past few years, I have been rather quiet on the tartan front)

If you're interested in committing to a pre-order (on a 50% deposit) please let me know as soon as possible. More details and contact page...



On a side note - I'm also reweaving my Earthrise Tartan this year... (after the North Sea Oil is booked at the mill) - if that interests you

...check that out HERE

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