Virohazard Custom Made Facemask

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - DUE TO HIGH DEMAND - FACE-MASKS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - And currently re-sourcing! Hopefully back in stock soon. But please note all outstanding orders placed will still be fulfilled - However due to the epidemic production times are slower than normal. Please bear with me. Thanks



Please note these face-masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organisation - WHO - as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2 / N95).

I wish they could be!

So please DO NOT purchase these face-masks with the false understanding they will prevent infection from coronavirus.

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A couple of wee videos I suggest you watch...

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However with much pressure from my customer base, I am making them available.

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These are fashion face-masks with no proven medical benefit, please make your own decision (after doing your own research) if you wish to purchase these based on the description I give below. You need to decide for yourself if you feel there are benefits to be had from wearing a fabric face-mask).


However, there are suggestions wearing a face-mask may reduce risk of spreading the infection by a carrier, and may aid in the avoidance of touching your face... but please refer to notes below... *


My tartan face-masks may also be worn over a N95 face-mask if you want to dress it up, but please remember to adhere to strict hygiene measures when handling the tartan face-mask, as below... *

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I can however say the face-masks send out a strong VISIBLE message to BE AWARE of the dangers of coronavirus ...the purpose behind the Virohazard tartan. And they can lessen the effect of the elements when worn outdoors.

Each order also comes with a downloadable - and printable - pdf with the health guidance strongly encouraged by the UK and Scottish Governments.

You can print and share this as many times as needed.

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You can also read the NHS guidelines here


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The Virohazard tartan

...was also created to help raise funds for NHS Scotland… with 60% of profits raised being donated to Scotland’s national health Service.

I hope to create a Fundraising page were people can donate 100% to NHS Scotland ...more on that in due course!

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A new “tartan army to battle coronavirus” !

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Please note - the prices stated in the Sun newspaper was incorrectly quoted (my mistake), when I spoke to the reporter I thought they were asking me for the price for the Virohazard scarves! ...the face-masks are not £35!



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Each face-mask is CUSTOM MADE to order - printed in vibrant colour - cut and hand sewn, in a clean environment.

Available in three sizes to fit the whole family.

Made from a heavyweight quilted Jersey breathable fabric with a wadding layer featuring quilted diamonds. Each custom face mask is available in small, medium or large and is handmade to order, so (in theory) I have no stock shortages.

Availability may however change, as supply chains may be further affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

  • Custom face mask with black elastic fitting

  • Quilted Jersey in three sizes

  • Comfortable fit and shape to contour to your face

  • Machine washable and re-usable, tumble dry safe

  • Handmade to order in UK


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1/ Please do not share your face-mask, and wash before each use

2/ Wash your hands before putting on your fask-mask

3/ Avoid touching, adjusting or removing your face-mask without cleaning (or sanitising your hands first)

4/ After carefully removing your face-mask, remember to pop it in the wash straight away

5/ Please immediately wash your hands after touching your face-mask

6/ Wash your hands often throughout the day




- - -


Dimensions (approx)

11 cm height
11cm elastic at each end, looped


12.5 cm height
12cm elastic at each end, looped


14 cm height
13cm elastic at each end, looped


Height: Select the height that will best cover your mouth and nose

Width: One size fits all


- - -


Care instruction

Wash at 30°c

Low tumble dry heat

Hang to dry

Do not wring

Low heat iron



- - -


Description of the fabric used:

95% polyester 5% elastane

A Poly-blend quilted jersey fabric, made of a tightly knitted face and backed with a layer of wadding in between. The surface has a permanent stamped design of quilted diamonds, known as a stamped quilt effect. This is a solid fabric, weighing 255gsm, with an opaque quality and some elasticity on the width and the diagonal. It is a water absorbent material which has a medium level of durability.

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Questions I get asked:

What size do I need?

See the dimensions for each size provided. The smallest size is designed for children. Teenagers and young adults would likely be better opting for the medium size. Please double check dimensions if you are unsure.

Is there a right way up?

There is. If you look at the image of the mask you will see that the lines at the top and the bottom of the mask differ slightly, this is to ensure that your custom face masks contours to your face. The larger arch sits at the bottom.


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I’ve costed the product accordingly - with consideration of the custom made aspect of these face-masks. 60% of profits raised from sales will be donated to NHS Scotland.

Thanks for your support!

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PLEASE UNDERSTAND why I created the Virohazard tartan! can read about that here

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...and stay safe!
Stevie, Tartan Guy