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New Official Soft Toy now Launced! - Abbey McBrothock! Arbroath's Red Lichtie Tartan Westie! Available to buy online


Orders are still being taken for Angus McLichtie, limited bears left. Contact me to enquire if your preferred number is available!

Belle McRock is now sold out!

Kilt Prize draw will be held after Angus sells out!

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Steven Patrick Sim

Tartan, as a form of art, started to become a passion of mine in 2008, when I first became interested in my own family tartans... Sim being a Sept of Clan Fraser, with currently 30 registered tartans.

Along with the visual aspect of tartan, I became fascinated with the rich Scottish heritage that is associated with this wonderful textile, both in modern day designs, as well as the historic Clan Family tartans. The fact that tartan can have a rationale woven into the design, (a more modern trend), was quite intriguing to me! The colours and patterns representing, say, a family, individual, corporation, town, district or even commemorating an event. I found all this very interesting!

I also became interested in how actual images, or representations of a specific object can be incorporated in the new tartan! An example being the Arbroath Abbey's portcullis (from the Arbroath Seal) being represented in the Red Lichtie Arbroath district tartan!

Tartan is a truly remarkable fabric ...having the power to motivate and unify groups of people!

I have a reasonably long history in design, having been trading in my own business as a graphic designer, and fine artist, for the past 12 years. Prior to that I was a senior graphic designer with a design agency for 11 years, with a further 3 years before that working my design apprenticeship.

The result is 26 years experience in a number of creative industries
...and what I believe to be is a trained eye for good design.

It was just a matter of time before I discovered
how exciting tartan really is!

I discovered that there are on average 200 or so new tartans registered annually at the Scottish Tartan Register in Edinburgh Scotland, making new tartan design still very much a growing trend, and something I was passionate about getting involved in!

So, over the past 4 years I've been developing an increasing interest in tartan ...and I've been learning the principles, and criteria of what makes good tartan design. Eventually I decided I wanted a new challenge, diversifying and shifting my energies into the designing of tartan. My website showcases my current designs ...with many more on the drawing table. I'll update it regularly, why not bookmark it, and visit me again?

If you feel that you would like to entrust me with designing your new tartan, be assured I would give you my very best effort...

Your 100% satisfaction is my goal!

Not only is the aesthetics (the colours and geometry) important to me, but also the rationale, as represented in the design, and I'll work hard to incorporate this in your new tartan.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of the services I offer, or if you just want to touch base with me.

You can also connect with me on facebook, where I'll be hanging out regularly.

Speak to you soon,


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