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New Official Soft Toy now Launced! - Abbey McBrothock! Arbroath's Red Lichtie Tartan Westie! Available to buy online


Orders are still being taken for Angus McLichtie, limited bears left. Contact me to enquire if your preferred number is available!

Belle McRock is now sold out!

Kilt Prize draw will be held after Angus sells out!

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D. C. Dalgliesh is one of the last specialist mills weaving only quality authentic tartans in pure new wool or silk, using traditional Flying Shuttle Looms, some of which are around a century old!

Many tartans today are produced on high speed 'jet' or 'rapier' looms - taking their name from the high speed yarn 'injection' from one side only. Operation is computer controlled, and efficient, as weft yarn is fed continuously into the machine.

This process means each thread in the weft is cut on each side. These cut threads, are then 'tucked' into the weave creating what is known as a tuck-in selvedge. This creates a somewhat thicker edge to the tartan (usually straighter also), and although not considered an authentic tartan edge by a traditionalist more than acceptable to the majority of tartan lovers. This technique is one utilised by Lochcarron of Scotland (the primary mill I use to weave my tartans), however, for the purists looking for a traditional, and authentic weave ...D. C. Dalgliesh offers an age old alternative!


D. C. Dalgliesh uses only traditional looms, which operate much slower than the modern computerised looms used by the majority of other mills. Wooden 'flying shuttles' move backwards and forwards, and are stopped regularly allowing the weaver to replenish or change the bobbin pirn inside the shuttle that holds and dispenses the yarn. This results in the weft yarn woven as a continuous looping thread, never being cut. This gives their tartans the authentic natural edge (or 'kilting selvedge).

"This characteristic of our tartans gives an authentic weave, and our tailored kilts will be appreciated by the true lover of Scottish tradition."

Kilts tailored by D. C. Dalgliesh are made with a traditional natural or kilting selvedge ...retaining the distinctive cut-edge look, that is seen in a traditional kilt.
D. C. Dalgliesh tartans also have a dense weave resulting in a superfine and luxurious finish ...and an extremely durable fabric.

This method of production will come at a cost, but if it is your preference D. C. Dalgliesh can offer the traditional option for you.

If you are looking for a traditional tartan, or tailored garment, I'll design your tartan while working along with D. C. Dalgliesh, ensuring if you commission your tartan to be woven you'll recieve a truly authentic Scottish product.

By using my tartan design service, at the Tartan Artisan, you can order as little as one single kilt with D. C. Dalgliesh!

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