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Arbroath's Teddy BearsArbroath's Teddy Bears

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New Official Soft Toy now Launced! - Abbey McBrothock! Arbroath's Red Lichtie Tartan Westie! Available to buy online


Orders are still being taken for Angus McLichtie, limited bears left. Contact me to enquire if your preferred number is available!

Belle McRock is now sold out!

Kilt Prize draw will be held after Angus sells out!

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Red Lichtie Shop Open where am I?

I'm based in Arbroath, a fishing town located on the north east coast of Scotland.
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The town of Arbroath has a unique place in Scottish history as it's home to the famous Tironensian monastery - The Arbroath Abbey - the ruins of which dominate the town's skyline with its circular window known for centuries as the 'Round O'.

In fact my design studio more or less overlooks the ruins of the Arbroath Abbey!

Interestingly it was in this Abbey that an event took place which is held dear in the hearts of millions Scots at home and abroad ...the signing of the famous Declaration of Arbroath. The year was 1320 when the Scottish King Robert the Bruce witnessed the famous document being signed, establishing Scotland's independence from England's rule.

‘It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom ...for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.’

Famous extract from
the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320.

The birthplace of Scotland!

The Declaration of Arbroath is without doubt the most famous document in Scottish history. Like the American Declaration of Independence, which is partially based on it, it is seen by many as the founding document of the Scottish nation.

It was drafted on the 6th April 1320 - a day the United States of America has declared to be Tartan Day.

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Arbroath’s official district tartan 'Red Lichtie' was adopted by the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council, 5th Oct 2012.
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